Model Homes XIV

Model Homes XIV. This is my 8th Color Gallery of “models at home, models in homes, or in sets modeled after homes”.

Fashion models, amateurs, celebrities, and others.

This is also my last Color Gallery of Model Homes. Your feedback is always welcome.




The City – Encore.

My series of gallery-collages, The City, was ended on August 9, 2016. Including two galleries by Jae Kamel, the series included 8 gallery-collages. The last one was The City – 8th Photo Essay.

The City was popular and well-liked by you, my viewers. Some of you wrote asking if there would be any more…. and now, I would like to present an Encore Gallery, dedicated to Dr. Jone Dae.

Dr. Jone Dae did a Poetry Show called The City, and dedicated the show to me, and gave links to these Galleries; so, this show is dedicated to Her.

The City – Encore Gallery.