The City – Encore.

My series of gallery-collages, The City, was ended on August 9, 2016. Including two galleries by Jae Kamel, the series included 8 gallery-collages. The last one was The City – 8th Photo Essay.

The City was popular and well-liked by you, my viewers. Some of you wrote asking if there would be any more…. and now, I would like to present an Encore Gallery, dedicated to Dr. Jone Dae.

Dr. Jone Dae did a Poetry Show called The City, and dedicated the show to me, and gave links to these Galleries; so, this show is dedicated to Her.

The City – Encore Gallery.


Pedestrians walking through an arched gateway in Belfast, Northern Ireland, June 1955. Original publication: Picture Post – 7825 – Belfast – pub. 25th June 1955 (Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)




Welcome to my new Art Photography blog. I will be continuing the image compositions, galleries, which were on my first blog, Henry’s Blog.

Here is the last and most recent gallery from the first blog.

The black & white companion gallery, Windows B&W #3, will be published here soon.